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Some times what you choose to protect behind sturdy locks and doors, can turn out to be inaccessible to you. Perhaps, you’ve locked away valuables or important business files behind those doors and now you’ve got no means to access it. A lost key, a defunct lock or a jammed door can leave you in the lurch. However, reliable door unlock solutions are just a phone call away. Reach out to Edgewood Locksmith Store and you’ll get the doors unlocked and access to what’s behind them in the shortest possible time.

We offer solutions for:


One of the worst forms of lockouts to be in, they can leave you stranded in an unfamiliar locality and if you can’t find a ride back home, you’ll probably be stuck there until help arrives. But you won’t have to! With our solutions, you can quickly regain entry. Despite the complexity of the modern car lock systems, we know our way around them and can unlock the door swiftly.


Locked out of your bedroom or your apartment? Don’t worry! We’ve got the professional edge that can help you get through any locked door in your premises. Residential locks are generally simpler, and our technicians will take no more than a few minutes to provide a door unlock solution. You can also get replacement keys made, lock repair services or free suggestions on averting such incidents in the future.

Commercial establishments:

Owing to the tough security incorporated on all levels in a business establishment, it’s not easy to get things back on track once a door shuts itself on you. It could be the front entry door, a cabinet or a safe that you’re unable to get into. Due to the complexity of the locks guarding the premises, door unlock is best left to the experts.

Damage-free, cost-effective unlocking solutions

Edgewood Locksmith Store Edgewood, MD 410-246-9910While a lockout is stressful and disturbing to begin with, not finding the right kind of assistance can further aggravate the situation. No wonder people end up making rash decisions and call a random technician for door unlock. We’ve heard plenty of stories from clients who’ve had terrible experiences with locksmiths in the past. The technician gets there, drills the lock, charges for the service, and also charges for an overpriced lock replacement and repair. If you don’t want that happening to you, choose Edgewood Locksmith Store. We adopt the least damaging approach and our pricing is nominal.

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